Peace in the Week – Wednesday 25th November 2020

8.00 p.m. Peace in the Week

On Sunday we will be celebrating communion as part of our service, so you may want to get some bread and wine (or whatever you would like to use!) looked out before the service begins.

If you know of anyone who joins our services but doesn’t receive the electronic invitations to worship please let them know too.

Drama Kirk Survey

A  survey seeking feedback on the drama kirk bible studies has been put together – far, we’ve had nobody complete it (and it would be very helpful for the end of year report to secure funding for next year). We would love to hear what people have thought about the format which has emerged and any suggestions for future studies.

If you could share this with anyone who has been watching it would be much appreciated.

With many thanks and apologies to anyone who has already heard this….

Liz Blackman
Creative Director
Drama Kirk

Twitter: @PlayLanarkshire