Our Story

Here at St John’s we see ourselves as a “Parish Plus” Church of Scotland serving a congregation both here in Hamilton but also wherever zoom allows us to connect with.  During lockdown we have developed our parish beyond our local context to broaden our worshipping community across Scotland, England and France.  This has helped us develop a more inclusive parish community that supports those at home no matter where that is.

Worship is led by the Rev Joanne Hood with the support of our Musical Director Anne MacLeod as well as our Administrator Claire Thom.  Other members share their contribitions from across the whole parish (wherever that may be…) during the Story of the Week.  So you can share too…

If you want to join us or have any queries then Claire Thom is your best point of contact.  You will be able to contact her in the office where she will be more than happy to help: office@stjohnshamilton.org.uk

For Official communications our Session Clerk is Graeme Dodds you can contact him by email at: sessionclerk@stjohnshamilton.org.uk

For Hall Bookings contact Elaine Sommerville by email who will be happy to help: facilitiescoordinator@stjohnshamilton.org.uk