All churches across Scotland depend on regular giving to support their work.  This includes the on-going operation and maintenance of the buildings, their local, national and international charitable endeavours and to support the work of the wider Church of Scotland.  This is increasingly challenging with many churches disappearing from communities.  If you like what we do and wish to support us so that we can remain at the heart of the community then you can do so here…

Alternatively, you can support us more regularly in these additional ways.

There are a number of ways that you can support us.

  1. Contact Claire Thom our Administrator to get a standing order. A standing order allows for regular giving from one bank account to another. Unlike a direct debit, the amount given is controlled by those giving. This is our most common form of support.
  2. Make a donation on a Sunday Morning – collection plates remain at the door prior to Sunday Worship. If you are coming to church on a Sunday morning then you can always give in the traditional method by making a donation into the offering plates at the door.
  3. Use our Donation QR Codes that are printed around the church halls. We have QR codes printed and displayed around the church. This allows for those who visit and attend the organisations that use the church to support the church too. This way you are helping us to continue to support our community and our church users.
  4. Follow the link below (or above). For a donation from our website here. This is best when you want to support us “occasionally”. Again, this is gratefully received with our thanks (as are all donations.) We use SumUp as our partner to collect and process these donations. Accordingly, they will receive 1.74% per transaction as a commission. i.e. 1.74p in every £1.00.
  5. Gift-Aid – if you are a British Tax Payer, we can claim gift aid tax relief for all donations that you make. So, please contact Claire Thom our Administrator who will be able to take the details of your donation and claim the gift aid for your donation. She can be contacted at our office.

This link will take you to our St John’s SumUp Donation Page and allow you to make a donation.