S.A.L.T.: Second and Last Tuesdays

7.30 p.m. Millennium Room
For this 2019/2020 session of the SALT group we will be exploring another new way of sharing our insights on bible passages with one another.  This is a missional practice called Dwelling in the Word.  More information, is available in the leaflets available at the Church doors and in the Forum Café.

I would commend this practice and these meetings of the SALT group in 2019/20 to you all.  Whether you usually attend the SALT group, the Thursday morning group, the Coffee, Cake and Colouring group, the Kirk Session as an ordained Elder, or none of the above I think this is something that is worth us exploring together.  No-one begins with more experience than another.  No responses are incorrect and together we just might learn more about each other, more about God and more about being a missional church seeking to listen for God’s word to us today.