Tuesday 29th September 2020 – Drama Kirk

7.00 p.m. The Coming of the Messiah

Drama Kirk’s online bible studies continue with a new series this autumn; looking at the Messianic prophecies as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.

In the first study, we will focus on the prophecies of Isaiah, seeking to consider three questions together:-

1.       Who was Isaiah?

2.       What did he prophesy about the coming of the Messiah?

3.       What hope did he leave for God’s people, then and now?

The evening will provide you with the opportunity to draw closer to bible characters through performed monologues and filmed scenes. You can see Isaiah being called to ministry by Almighty God himself; and how he responded. We will then look at his messianic prophecies from the perspective of a couple of New Testament characters, hearing their reflections on passages of Isaiah centuries later.

Included in the performances is a dramatization of the Suffering Servant passage, which we can explore from the perspective of modern day people.

Finally, you will see a message of hope from our heavenly host.

You can join the study live on Tuesday 29th September at 7.00 p.m. on www.youtube.com/HamiltonOld where there will be opportunity to chat online and reflect on what we share together.

Further studies will follow as we journey with the prophets towards Christmas and the coming of Christ.