Sunday 13th September 2020

Topic: Sunday Worship
Time: Sep 13, 2020 10:40 A.M.

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Harvest Appeal
This year, due to the restrictions placed upon us due to Coronavirus, instead of donating money in an envelope that comes to the church and that we then send as a lump sum to the selected harvest charity, we are asking you to donate directly to our Harvest Charity. This year the selected charity is the Christian Aid Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. The ways in which you can donate to this appeal are detailed below.

If you would like to, and there is no obligation to do so, please email the office ( with the amount donated and we will keep a running total so that we can announce on Harvest Sunday the amount that we as a congregation have donated to our harvest appeal this year. There will be NO record kept of the  individual donations and only Claire, our church secretary and gift aid convenor, will see the amounts that individuals have donated.

 To Donate Online — click on the link below or search in google for Christian Aid Coronavirus Emergency Appeal :

To Donate by Post  – please send cheques (made payable to ‘Christian Aid’) to Christian Aid, 35-41 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RL.