Seven Munros in the Seventh Month

Rachel Naylor & Kacy Hunter have embarked on a fundraiser for the Rocca Foundation

❗️ 7 Munro’s in the 7th Month for charity❗️

To celebrate Rachel’s 21st birthday she has decided that there’s no better way to spend it than climbing 7 Munros for charity 🥳

The Rocca Foundation has been formed in the wake of covid-19 with the aim of raising funds for 

      • the Hamilton District Food Bank,  
      • St. Andrews hospice, 
      • Kilbride hospice 
      • and support the production of our free meals for the most vulnerable within our community
        (4200 meals distributed so far!). 💜

All money raised will go directly to the Rocca Foundation and any donation is extremely appreciated

To make a donation click on this link