Sunday Blast – Chatelherault Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt that has been designed by the Sunday Blast team. It is for all in the congregation not just the Sunday Blast families.

The treasure hunt is in Chatelherault Country park and sticks to the main paths. People will learn about Hamilton’s heritage as well as God’s heritage. It is suitable for families of all ages who are steady on foot, people can do it any time they wish (though I definitely recommend not doing it on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon because it is busy in the park then).

It does involve people sending a photograph of their collage of collected items after the treasure hunt to the office and there is a reward for the younger members for completing the treasure hunt.

Click here for more details of the Family Treasure Hunt



Seven Munros in the Seventh Month

Rachel Naylor & Kacy Hunter have embarked on a fundraiser for the Rocca Foundation

❗️ 7 Munro’s in the 7th Month for charity❗️

To celebrate Rachel’s 21st birthday she has decided that there’s no better way to spend it than climbing 7 Munros for charity 🥳

The Rocca Foundation has been formed in the wake of covid-19 with the aim of raising funds for 

      • the Hamilton District Food Bank,  
      • St. Andrews hospice, 
      • Kilbride hospice 
      • and support the production of our free meals for the most vulnerable within our community
        (4200 meals distributed so far!). 💜

All money raised will go directly to the Rocca Foundation and any donation is extremely appreciated

To make a donation click on this link