W/c Sunday 3rd April

The Minister is still on Annual Leave and will return on 12th April. For any pastoral needs please contact :-

Rev Ross Blackman at 01698-640185

Morning Service at 10.45 am conducted by Rev Gordon MacCracken.
Avonbridge Care home at 2.00 pm Monthly Service-All Welcome.
Thursday 7th April
Midweek Service at 12.15 pm in the Sanctuary. The service will last 15-30 minutes, so please come along and bring a friend.
Sunday 10th April

Morning Worship will be led by Rev Dr George J Whyte.
Evening Service at 6.30 pm will be organised by the Worship Committee.

Please note that SLC are continuing to work on the multi-storey pedestrian car park ramp. The ramp will be closed to pedestrians Monday- Saturday, there will however be access from Level 3 on a Sunday.

Service Team Questionnaire
The most recent Centre Magazine contains a questionnaire which it is hoped as many people as possible in the congregation will complete and return by Sunday 10th April. Spare copies of the questionnaire will be available at the church doors on Sundays.