The Fellowship

The Fellowship meet on the First and Third Wednesday of each month from October through to March in the Millennium room  We start at 7.30 p.m., close the meetings with refreshments and aim to finish for 8:45 pm at the latest.

Meetings are open to all who wish to come along for an evening in the company of St John’s Fellowship to hear Speakers on a variety of topics and experiences.

President: Paul Flarry
Secretary: John Smy

f you wish to obtain more information about the Fellowship please contact:-
The Secretary by email

Syllabus for 2018/19 (as end of August)

Meetings October/November 2018

October 3rd   Rededication and Buffet with Rev. Joanne Hood

October 24th   WW1.  Passchendaele.  With David Stark.

November 7th The Reverend Robert Kent on a topic of his choice.

November 21st  Overseas Missionary Fellowship.   Rev Martin Paterson.

Note.  The Overseas Missionary Fellowship serves East Asia including China and is based in Singapore.

Do come along, bring a friend we urgently need your support.

John Smy
Fellowship Secretary