Pentecost Flames

Those of you at the service this morning will have heard Joanne’s Pentecost request. For those not at the service Joanne made a request to everyone who is part of our worshipping community here.

It has been suggested that it might mean something to people in Hamilton who still see the building associated with St John’s church, if something about that building changed as we approach Pentecost  so that even although we are not in the building, people who walk or drive past it might realise the church is very much alive and developing and seeking to inspire others whilst we are not meeting in that location.  The idea is that everyone who wishes to, make a flame for Pentecost from paper or card or something that is easily posted and also easily stuck up into a window.  If these flames get posted to Anne MacLeod, (address can be obtained from the office), we will stick them up in the windows here at the building for others in our local area to see.  If everyone who is part of our worshipping community right now were to make and post a flame to us our building would instantly look dramatically different because of something we have created together, even when there is geographical distance between us, to seek to inspire those beyond our number at Pentecost.