Sunday 29th March 2020 – Live Stream

Joanne is going to do a short worship service again on Sunday at 10.45 a.m. using Zoom. This allows people to link into the service on their smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer and join everyone else who has joined.

To join the meeting you will require a Meeting ID.  This has been sent by email to everyone who has previously supplied their email address. If you have not received this email, the Meeting ID can be obtained by sending an email to the Church Office. Alternatively, try contacting another member who may have received it.

Instructions on how to join the meeting can be found at end of this post

Join Zoom Meeting

Please remember to Mute your microphone. 

A point to note  – please ensure you are connected to the internet if you are using a smart phone so you don’t use up mobile data.

If you are unable to join the using the internet , you can call one of the following numbers to listen to the service using your home phone. You can also use your mobile but bear in mind this will use up your minutes if not on an unlimited tariff.

+44 330 088 5830 
+44 131 460 1196
+44 203 481 5240
+44 208 080 6591
+44 208 080 6592

Download Instructions on how to join the meeting : Zoom Instructions

Watch a video on how to join :

22nd March 2020 – National Day of Prayer

Dear Friends,

The link below will take you to a prayer on the Church of Scotland website that we are all invited to say together in our homes at 7.00 p.m. this evening.


There has been a call from various denominations to make today a national day of prayer and so we are all being invited to safely light a candle and place it in our windows at7.00 p.m. this evening, offering this prayer together.

If you wish to participate please don’t leave the candle burning when no one is in the room, and keep it away from any materials like curtains or blinds.

With love and best wishes


Sunday 22nd February 2020 – Live Stream

Due to the Coronavirus all Church Services have been suspended.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all of you who managed to join us this morning for worship. If you had any problems please email me at this email address and I’ll see if I can help. I have set up a new email contact group to hopefully stop some of you receiving multiple copies of the same message. If you know of anyone who would like to be added to this group if you could ask them to email me with their email address I can add them in. Similarly if you would like removed from this group just let me know.


Joanne is going to do a short worship service on Sunday at the 10.45 a.m. using Zoom. This allows people to link into the service on their smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer and join everyone else who has joined. Continue reading

St John’s Closure

Click image to hear a message from Joanne.

As I’m sure many of you are now aware, all our congregations have had to suspend activities including all public worship until further notice.  This means that all the notices on the website or elsewhere about events, groups, meetings and worship (including Holy Week and Easter services) at St John’s are now out of date as all of these are cancelled.

In this very strange and troubling time I would ask all of us to remember our call to be brothers and sisters in Christ who are compelled to consider how to ‘love our neighbour as our ourselves’.  Let us draw strength from the knowledge that we hold one another, and the rest of our world, in prayer so that we might still be able to make a difference in the lives of others because of our faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.

We intend that there will continue to be an audio recording on our website each week to allow people to connect over a shared sermon or reflection from St John’s, and probably more than usually appears there. But there are also plenty of other choices of worship for people to join whilst we cannot meet together in the church building.

Please find information about, and links to, these options on the Church of Scotland website page you will find by clicking the link below.

A message from Liz Muir, our Pastoral Care Team Convenor follows and we will continue to find ways to communicate with all our friends in the days to come.

With love and best wishes,



Message from Liz Muir

Pastoral Care Team Convenor


St John’s Family has always been strong giving support, comfort and true love to all.

However we are all aware of anxious and challenging times that lie ahead.

I want to reassure everyone that Pastoral Care support  will always be there for all at St John’s. The format may be slightly different but  the support is definitely so much in place. If help, no matter how small, is required please do not hesitate in contacting Joanne, the office or myself.

I ask you all to please keep in touch with each other to make sure all is well.

All take great care.

God bless

Liz Muir