W/C Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Evening Duty: 03.12.17 – A Gillespie & G Dodds
10.12.17 – P Flarry & L Auld

Sunday 3rd December
10.45 am Morning Service.
2.00pm Avonbridge Care Home, monthly service at the home, all welcome
Evening Communion Service 6.30pm

Monday 4th December

Guild & St John’s Fellowship – Joint meeting. With Anne Macleod and Hamilton Grammar pupils.

Tuesday 5th December

Friendly Hour – 1.30pm. This week is our annual Christmas Treat.

Wednesday 6th December

Senior Members Christmas Gifts – Could the committee please meet in the Millennium Room at 10.00am. By 10.15am the gifts should be ready for distribution. As in the past, we are looking for volunteers to help with this rewarding task. We have more than 75 gifts to distribute and some help would be appreciated, as the districts can be very varied and spread throughout Hamilton.
Hamilton South Presbyterial Guild Carol Service in the Church at 1.30-2.30pm.

Thursday 7th December

Bible Study Group at 10.30am in the Avon Room. This group meets weekly. Please come along and join us.

Midweek Service at 12.15pm in the Church Sanctuary. The service will last about 15-30 minutes, please come along and invite a friend.

Sunday 10th December

10.45am Gift Service – we are again supporting the Hamilton Advertiser Christmas Toy Appeal.
6.30pm Evening Service

Sunday 17th December

10.45am Morning Worship
6.30pm Heart & Soul Swing Band Concert