Saturday 12th September

The second of our Discipleship Events:  The basics of Church

“Let us pray” – an open event exploring the different phrases used in the Lord’s

Prayer. Visit the various stations at your leisure anytime from 10am-4pm during Doors’ Open Day.

Monday 7th September

The first of our Discipleship Events: The basics of Church @ 7.30 pm

a series of three one-off events to help explain some of the basics of how we express our faith.  Tonight “Taste and see” – a night to learn about the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, why we do what we do and what it means!

These events may be of particular interest to those who have recently joined or started worshipping at the church, who have recently had a child baptised, or those who may be interested in baptism or membership in the future, although they are of course relevant to all of us who seek to explore and deepen a meaningful relationship with God. All are most welcome to attend. Joanne will lead all these events.